Open Systems and Measurements in Relativistic Quantum Theory: Proceedings of the Workshop Held at the Instituto Intaiano Per Gli Studi Filosofici nap
by Heinz-Peter Breuer (Editor), Francesco Petruccione (Editor)

Hardcover (June 1999)
Springer Verlag; ISBN: 3540659781

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Table of Contents

State Vector Reduction in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction,
Heinz-Peter Breuer, Francesco Petruccione

Quantum Measurements, Open Systems and Dynamical Entropy,
Robert Alicki

EEQT - A Way Out of the Quantum Trap
Philippe Blanchard, Arkadiusz Jadczyk

Stochastic Unraveling of Relativistic Quantum Measurments
Heinz-Peter Breuer, Francesco Petruccione

Some Lessons from Relativistic Reduction Models
GianCarlo Ghirardi

Effective Theories of Coupled Classical and Quantum Variables
Jonathan J. Halliwell

Are There Unsolved Problems in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?
Roland Omnes

Collapse Models Philip Pearle

Subject Index