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A Way Out of the Quantum Trap Ph. Blanchard tex2html_wrap_inline438 and A. Jadczyk gif

Published in "Open Systems and Measurements in Relativistic Quantum Theory : Proceedings of the Workshop
Held at the Instituto Intaiano Per Gli Studi Filosofici nap
Breuer, H.-P., Petruccione, F.,(Eds.), Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer-Verlag, 1999 (see Table of content)


tex2html_wrap_inline438 Faculty of Physics and BiBoS, University of Bielefeld
Universitätstr. 25, D-33615 Bielefeld


We review Event Enhanced Quantum Theory (EEQT). In Section 1 we address the question "Is Quantum Theory the Last Word". In particular we respond to some of challenging staments of H.P. Stapp. We also discuss a possible future of the quantum paradigm - see also Section 5. In Section 2 we give a short sketch of EEQT. Examples are given in Section 3. Section 3.3 discusses a completely new phenomenon - chaos and fractal-like phenomena caused by a simultaneous "measurement" of several non-commuting observables. In Section 4 we answer "Frequently Asked Questions" concerning EEQT - mostly coming from referees of our publications. Summary and conclussions are in Section 6.


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