Arkadiusz Jadczyk

List of publications

Random walk on quantum blobs, 2015,

Comment on `The minimum-uncertainty squeezed states for atoms and photons in cavity', 2015,

Asymptotic formula for quantum harmonic oscillator tunneling probabilities, Rep. Math. Phys. 76 (2015), 149-158,

Quantum Fractals Quantum Fractals, From Heisenberg's Uncertainty to Barnsley's Fractality,

Monograph, World Scientific, 2014,

A Comment on "On the Rotation Matrix in Minkowski Space-time" by Ozdemir and Erdogdu
, (with Jerzy Szulga) ,,
Reports on Mathematical Physics, 74(1), 2014, 39-44,
DOI: 10.1016/S0034-4877(14)60056-2           

 What is Time in Quantum Mechanics, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, Vol. 11 (2014),1460019,,
DOI: 10.1142/S0219887814600196

START in a five–dimensional conformal domain
, A. Jadczyk,, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 22 (2012), 689-701

Geometry and Shape of Minkowski's Space Conformal Infinity, A. Jadczyk,, Reports on Mathematical Physics, 69 (2012), 179-195

Gravitation on a Homogeneous Domain, A. Jadczyk,, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 22 (2012), 1069-1080

Compactified Minkowski Space: Myths and Facts, A. Jadczyk,, Prespace Journal, 3 (2012), 131-140

Some comments on projective quadrics subordinate to pseudo--Hermitian spaces, A. Jadczyk, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 21 (2011), 721-756

On Conformal Infinity and Compactifications of the Minkowski Space, A. Jadczyk,, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras,
DOI: 10.1007/s00006-011-0285-5, 2011

Theory of Kairons , A. Jadczyk,, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebra, vol 19 (2009), p. 63-82

Comments on `Spin Connection Resonance in Gravitational General Relativity', Gerhard W. Bruhn, Friedrich W. Hehl, Arkadiusz Jadczyk,
Acta Physica Polonica B, 39 no 1 (2008), pp. 51-58

Quantum Fractals on n-spheres, A. Jadczyk, (Advances in Applied Clifford Algebra, vol 17 (2007), p. 201-240).
Quantum Fractals. Geometric modeling of quantum jumps with conformal maps, A. Jadczyk, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebra, vol 18 (2008), p. 737-754
Some Comments on the Formal Structure of Spontaneous Localization Theories,A. Jadczyk, AIP Conference Proceedings -- June 27, 2006 -- Volume 844, p. 192-199, QUANTUM MECHANICS: Are There Quantum Jumps? - and on the Present Status of Quantum Mechanics.
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General Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, A. Jadczyk, M. Modugno, Seminar of the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Florence 1994.
Galilei General Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Revisited, A. Jadczyk, J. Janyska, M. Modugno, in Geometria, Fisica-Matematica e outros Ensaios, A,S. Alves, F.J. Craveiro De Carvalho and J.A. Pereira Da Silva Eds., Homenagem A Antonio Ribeiro Gomes, Coimbra 1998, 253-313.
Quantum Jumps, EEQT and the Five Platonic Fractals, A. Jadczyk, R. Oberg, Preprint,
Fractional Counts – The Simulation of Low Probability Events, R. L. Coldwell, G. P. Lasche, A. Jadczyk, AIP Conference Proceedings -- July 12, 2001 -- Volume 576, p. 587-590, The CAARI 2000: Sixteenth international conference on the application of accelerators in research and industry
Comparison of Linear Decompositional Techniques with Robust Fitting Analysis for Applications to Detection of Illicit Trafficking of Special Nuclear Materials, C. J. Cray, G. P. Lasche, R. L. Coldwell, A. Jadczyk, Paper Presented At The Iaea Conference Security of Material, Measures To Prevent, Intercept and Respond To Illicit Uses of Nuclear Material and Radioactive Sources, Stockholm, 7 May 2001 , Section: Decompositional Techniques).
How Events Come into Being: EEQT, Particle Tracks, Quantum Chaos, and Tunneling Time, Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk, A. Ruschhaupt, in Mysteries, Puzzles and Paradoxes In Quantum Mechanics, Rodolfo Bonifacio, Ed., Woodbury, Ny: American Institute of Physics, 1999, [Aip Conference Proceedings, No. 461], J. Mod. Opt. 47 (2000), 2247-2263
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The Piecewise Deterministic Process Associated to EEQT, Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk, R. Olkiewicz, Preprint,
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